Travel around the world and you will find a Venom battery used in every type of remote controlled vehicle conceived. From unmanned drones to short course trucks, fast electric rc boats to FPV airplanes, Venom powers them all. Drivers and pilots looking for the best in power, performance, runtime, exceptional customer service and warranty trust Venom batteries.


  • Aerial Drones & UAVs

    Aerial Drones & UAVs

    Venom is a leader in battery technology for RC applications and we pride ourselves in offering cutting edge, high capacity, high quality LiPO batteries...

  • RC Cars & Trucks

    RC Cars & Trucks

    Off-road and on-road drivers may not play on common “ground”, but they all agree: If you want unyielding performance, turn to Venom LiPO and...

  • RC Boats

    RC Boats

    When it comes to RC boats, Venom has you covered with a wide variety of LiPO and NiMH packs to power your offshore antics....

  • RC Airplanes & Helicopters

    RC Airplanes & Helicopters

    RC Helicopter and plane pilots know that what battery you choose to power your airborne model is critical to fun and freedom in the...






Lithium Polymer (LiPO) batteries have become the go-to power option for serious RC hobbyists, and Venom has been there every step of the way. This battery chemistry is known for its long run times, consistent power delivery and reasonable charge times. The cells are generally rectangular in nature and are composed of multiple wafers (cells) that are wired together to make a pack. Available as small single cell batteries for micro quads and airplanes, up to 6 cell, 22000mAh pack for professional drones, Venom has your back for nearly any remote controlled application.




Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, commonly called “Nye-My” are affordable, reliable and easy to use which make them a great place to start when getting into the hobby for the first time. Characterized by their cylindrical shape, these batteries look like your traditional “C” battery and are most commonly wired in “stick” and “hump” configurations. These batteries are less linear in their power delivery as compared to LiPO packs, but many people prefer them based on cost and ease of use.




In addition to our vast line of battery products, Venom is known by many to provide the very best battery chargers available today. Our “Pro” line of products continues to be one of our best sellers. We have charger options for every budget, with affordable options for single chemistry and multi-chemistry chargers.




Venom batteries are sold worldwide to more than 45 different countries and are most likely in a hobby shop near you. Our outstanding warranty and easy to use universal plug system makes them a popular option for shop technicians. Should you find yourself in a town without a local shop to visit, please check out your favorite online retailer below.


About Us


Delivering rock solid, dependable, lightweight portable power systems that our customer emphatically recommend to their friends and colleagues is the Venom way.

By developing our passion to provide customers with an outstanding and unique product experience, we create our own pathway to success, leading the way to further innovation.


From humble beginnings in 2001 with one product in a garage, Vertical Partners West, LLC has grown to become a leader and innovator on the forefront of rechargeable batteries and related battery charging technologies used to power radio controlled drones, UAVs and models of all sizes.

Venom’s first product was a miniature on-board digital LCD temperature monitor used for tuning hobby engines. Venom then went on in 2002 to begin manufacturing NiCD and NiMH batteries for RC Cars, along with dozens of other products across all radio controlled categories during the decade that followed.

As an early adopter of new technologies, in 2005 Venom was one of the first companies to bring lithium polymer batteries to the consumer hobby market and later developed the industry’s first hobby battery with a built-in voltage meter.

In 2009, Venom developed the Universal Plug System and was later awarded US and Foreign Patents for it in 2013.  Because the Venom UNI Plug System allows the widest range of model connectivity of any hobby battery on the market, Venom batteries have become the battery of choice for hobby retailers and enthusiasts alike.

After having established the Venom brand as a leader in rechargeable batteries and chargers for hobby models, in 2012 Venom spun-off all it’s non-battery and charger products to it’s sister company, Atomik RC.

Today, Venom is focused exclusively on rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for a growing range of hobby and consumer electronic applications.


Becoming an industry innovator is difficult, but remaining there can be even more challenging. Throughout the years we have defined a system that keeps us on the cutting edge of energy storage products spurred on by our customer’s demands.

Our ability to follow the latest trends allows us to ride the cusp of blooming technologies like FPV and the aerial drone industry. We plan to follow that blueprint for success, continuing to give our customers the products they’ve helped us define.

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